Recipe For Happiness

As part of Fremantle's extremely talented and creative Gare family, Anna Gare and her siblings Sophie and Adam were a beloved fixture in our weekend entertainment routine in the Jam Tarts and Nansing Quartet. But there have always been many more strings to the bow of the talented Ms Gare.

Published: Scoop Magazine 051 Autumn Edition 2010.

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Fall Girl

She leaps off tall buildings, jumps out of speeding cars...hell, she'll even take a bullet for you. Meet WA's only stuntwoman.

Published Scoop Magazine Spring 2008.

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What Lies Beneath

At first glance, Helen Norton's paintings appear vibrant and lighthearted but look a little closer and it's clear there's more to them than meets the eye – much like the intriguing artist herself.

Published: Insite Magazine Winter 2005

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Day by Day

It's the biggest neonatal ward in the southern hemisphere, yet to most of us, King Edward memorial Hospital still remains a closed door. Sarah Szabo spends a day in the heart of it all.

Published: Scoop Magazine Summer 2008

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The New Food Fight

With children as young as six being diagnosed with eating disorders, it has never been more important for parents to be alert to the dangers, discovers Sarah Szabo.

Published: HBF Everyday Magazine Summer 2008

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Guru Madness

Kids driving you crazy? Send in the supernanny. Wardrobe meltdown? Hire a personal stylist. Forgotten how to laugh? Dial H for a happiness coach. It seems there's nothing that someone else can't help you fix – for a price. But is all this outsourcing actually helping or have we gone too far?

Published: Scoop Magazine Summer 2006

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Fostering Love

Opening your heart and home to a child in need brings huge rewards – and challenges for foster carers, discovers Sarah Szabo.

Published HBF Outlook Magazine Winter 2009

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Blueprints for a Greener Planet

Going green may save money in the long term, but who will fund those first steps? and who will pay if we don't? Sarah Szabo looks at the cost of environmentally sustainable design, both to the hip pocket and the planet.

Published: Scoop home and design series, WA's best commercial designs 2009 annual

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The Wowhaus Movement

From ‘hot' desks to sensuous storefronts, office and retail design is undergoing change as architects embrace the mantra that the customer (and office worker) is king.

Published: Insite Magazine Spring 2007

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Seasonal Smorgasbord Celebrates the Outdoors

WA's physical attributes set the tone for the state's art agenda

Published: The Weekend Australian Nov 7-8, 2009 (Special Report – culture and education)

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Splendid Isolation

Maybe there's something in the water, or perhaps it's just our geographical distance from mainstream influences. Whatever the cause, there is no doubt the nation is dancing to a distinctly West Australian beat. (Music feature on WA's best and brightest - John Butler, Little Birdie, The Waifs. )

Published: Scoop Magazine

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Higher Art

What distinguishes a star artist in the making? Which art prizes carry the most weight? We talk to the experts to find out how and where to spot artistic promise.

Published: Insite Magazine (Homes, antiques,art) Winter 2008

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Face Value

Despite the introduction of photography in the mid-19 th century, portraiture has remained a medium close to our hearts, as the unrivalled fame of the Mona Lisa will attest.

Published Insite Magazine

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Two-Fisted Tales; Up for the Count

Rai Fazio is used to being in the media spotlight. However, recently it's not been for gym fires or alleged underworld tiffs, it's been for one of the most talked about feature film productions in WA's history. We step behind the ropes as Rai pulls on the gloves for the fight of his life.

Published: Scoop Magazine Autumn 2008

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Time Out – Film with Sarah Szabo (film previews and on set visit to feature film Blame)

Published: Scoop Magazine winter 2010.

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